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Why join Transformation?


By signing up for an account with Transformation, you will be able to post your own profile in our contacts section, send and receive private messages to other users of Transformation, subscribe and unsubscribe to emailing lists and add your own pictures to our visitors' galleries section.


You will be able to contact new Tranny Friends all over the world, have access to our exclusive picture galleries and be able to reply to all Transformation Classified ads. Plus you will also qualify for limited period special offers available only to exclusive members of Transformation!


For a quick tour on how to use the Transformation Members website have read of this short article. Will be updating it so have a read of it every so often.


As of 5th October, 2012 we've had to not allow automatic user registration. We are getting too many "spammers" registering who are consequently "ruining it" for our genuine members.


So from now on we will moderate every new member registering. This will happen Monday to Friday during office ours. If you register outside of these hours please be patient with us.


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